About us

Sitip S.p.A. is an Italian company specialized in the production of synthetic and stretch warp knitted fabrics, circular knitted fabrics and synthetic woven fabrics for technical industrial applications and clothing.

The long tradition of textile production in the Bergamo area, where Sitip is located, and the company’s deep focus on technological innovation over the years have made Sitip a leading player on the international technical textile scene.

In particular, Sitip carefully selects its suppliers according to quality and environmental standards, promoting and ensuring excellent product traceability, from the raw material to the finished product.


Sitip has established itself on the market as a company offering a diversified range of high-tech textile solutions to meet the various needs of the industrial and clothing sectors and in the pursuit of increasingly sustainable production.

With its customized service and extremely flexible production model, Sitip’s mission is to achieve the highest quality standards at every level: from production plants to production techniques, from the supply chain to its relationships with all stakeholders.

Our values


Sitip’s high level of integration makes it unique in Europe. Thanks to its partnership with the subsidiaries Nylon Knitting and Accoppiatura di Asolo, Sitip offers customers a finished product that is carefully monitored throughout every stage of its processing, from spinning to the finished fabric. Sitip’s specialised, flexible production process means it can effectively meet the most diverse market demand.

Social and Labor Ethics

Sitip pays constant attention to the ethical and social aspects related to internal and external stakeholders. The Company has adopted a code of ethics, a fundamental charter of rights and moral duties that defines the ethical – social responsibility of each component of the company organization. At the social level, the goal is equity and the creation of decent work through the development at all levels of the organization of skills and professionalism of human resources and the promotion of relations between the different business areas in compliance with the code of conduct adopted by Sitip and the 10 principles of the UN GLOBAL COMPACT, as well as through instruments such as continuing training, motivation, fair wage policy, inclusion and support for the weakest, health and safety policies.


Sitip pursues its commitment to sustainable growth through processes that guarantee environmental protection, adopting a circular business model.
Sitip operates in compliance with the most prestigious international standards and initiatives, including OEKO-TEX®, Bluesign®, GRS and ZDHC, and has adopted an ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system.