Industrial Fabrics


Sitip continuously innovates its production process by introducing new technologies that enhance the technical performance of the fabrics with utmost respect for environmental standards.

The production process is fully controlled by numerous international certifications such as OEKO-TEX®, Bluesign®, the ZDHC gateway and GRS (Global Recycled Standard), in addition to the company’s ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Our technologies for industrial fabrics

Sitip’s main resin stentering treatments include pad batch treatments and acrylic and polyurethane coatings, designed to make the fabrics stiff and easier to cut. The solutions are tailor-made and diversified for use in clothing and in highly specialised industrial solutions.

Sitip produces them using a different resin formulation depending on their intended use.

Sitip has developed technologies to give the fabrics biologically active properties, designed to attack specific types of bacteria or biological agents, to reach anti-odour, antibacterial, anti-mould effects. The substances used comply with the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) 528/2012.

The company offers the option to use yarns with embedded antibacterial properties and to apply specific technologies that, gives fabrics antibacterial and anti-odour properties in compliance with the requirements of generally accepted standards (AATCC100, AATCC 147 and JIS 1902 L).

Thanks to ongoing relationships with third-party partners, Sitip can always deliver the best technological solutions on the market, such as Sanitized®, constantly updating the company’s offer. Sitip’s research and development team has also identified production solutions with zero-impact zinc pyrithione, making use of the implementation of a system that deactivates the chemical residue in wastewater.

The fabrics then undergo controls of their antibacterial properties according to different parameters depending on the type of bacteria being tested. These reports attest to compliance with industry standards, guaranteeing product performance.

Sitip produces fabrics with anti-static properties achieved through both specific chemical treatments and intrinsically anti-static yarns. These are highly innovative products specifically designed for the industrial fabric sector and particularly suitable for work environments that are at risk of explosions and that require technical clothing that can prevent the accumulation of static electricity on surfaces.

Sitip develops treatments for the industrial sector that make products water and oil repellent, using C6 fluorocarbon resins that are BLUESIGN®-certified, with zero PFAS and PFOA emissions;
In addition, Sitip applies solutions that are fluorine-free and BLUESIGN®-certified, to fabrics intended for use in semi-components and substrates for sportswear and urbanwear, giving them maximum resistance to drops of liquid and oily substances.

Fire retardants (FR solutions) refer to Sitip technologies applied to fabrics that need to offer greater safety in terms of flammability risk, i.e., those intended for contract and exhibition furnishings and for special applications such as car interiors.

Specifically, they are non-permanent treatments on polyamide and permanent treatments on polyester.

FR technologies also include those used for fabrics made from yarns and other materials that are inherently fire retardant.

Sitip, which has always concerned itself with environmental sustainability, is committed to guaranteeing greater eco-friendliness by recovering the waste from the chemical products involved in the treatment.

Sitip provides its customers with specific treatments and special textiles designed ad hoc to improve the fabric’s filtration of UV rays.
UV filtration is achieved through specific treatments and special textiles designed ad hoc.

Sitip develops innovative fabrics that resist abrasions. They are made of high-tenacity polyethylene, branded IMPACT Abrasion Resistant Fabric and minimise skin injuries caused by falls on the asphalt and/or polyamide fibre yarns. In addition to providing excellent protection, they are comfortable  and attractive.

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