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Industrial technical fabrics

The industrial technical fabric sector, which began together with the company and is continuously evolving even after more than 60 years, is Sitip’s greatest strength.

The products developed in this sector have had time to expand in number and perfect their quality. As a result, the wide range of industrial technical fabrics now includes various types of fabric and meets a wide variety of needs.

Thanks to its PA 6 integrated production system, Sitip applies the best textile technologies to ensure that the various solutions meet the levels of performance demanded by the individual target markets: from antibacterial, fire retardant, UV protection and water-oil repellent properties to mechanical abrasion resistance, as in our IMPACT Abrasion Resistant Fabric solutions.

Continuous filament yarns are used to make the fabrics, the result of ongoing research and development in synergy with the most important players in the supply chain.

The most frequently used yarns include:

  • Polyamide 6 and 6.6
  • Polyester
  • Recycled and organic yarns
  • High-tenacity yarns – e.g. CORDURA®
  • FR (fire retardant) yarns
  • Elastomeric yarns

Below is an overview of the main categories of Sitip industrial fabrics:

Warp knitted mesh is made in a wide range of weights from 50 to 300 g/sqm.

The products are diversified for their various applications:

  • lighter mesh is used as a support or carrier fabric for medical items like plasters or as linings for clothing.
  • heavier mesh is suitable for use as linings for footwear and clothing.
  • The mesh, some types of which are also available in CORDURA® with high tenacity and abrasion resistance, is ideal for footwear and for all applications that require highly resistant textile supports, such as the fabric called “Ciclamino”.
  • The more structured mesh is also used in the field of design and furniture to make office chairs with mesh backrests, with FR (fire retardant) properties when used for large-scale contract applications. It is also used as components for workwear.
  • The eco-mesh solutions are designed for greater sustainability even in industrial applications, such as Eco Atlantic – applied as a shoe lining, and Eco Olimpic – used as a carrier for digital printing – made of post-consumer recycled polyester, through a GRS-certified supply chain.
  • Several solutions are used as fabric carriers for coating for technical-industrial applications.

Our brushed velour fabrics, available in weights ranging from 50 to 300 g/sqm, can be used in many industrial sectors, such as abrasives, footwear and orthopaedics. They are also available as laminates for applications in footwear, helmets and cycling pads, and can be cut into fabric tapes for trim or mechanical fastening systems.

Thanks to its experience and know-how, Sitip develops solutions presenting technical properties in line with their intended use and with the processing techniques for the material, such as coating and lamination, which require special technical parameters to be met to ensure efficient industrial production for the various fields of application, such as “synthetic leather”, which is often used in the furniture, footwear and clothing sectors.

Sitip’s “structured” technical fabrics range from a weight of 50 to 300 g/sqm and are developed with patterns that can meet specific technological and design requirements. By brushing the fabric, Sitip can provide products with different piles for use as linings in the furniture and footwear industries.

Sitip meets specific technical design requests with customised products.

Sitip also manufactures CORDURA® branded solutions that are highly resistant to abrasion and particularly suitable for uppers in the footwear sector and other industrial applications.

L’offerta Sitip di maglie lisce varia da un peso di 30 a 250 g/mq.

Frequentemente applicate come supporto per accoppiatura e spalmatura per diversi settori industriali, in particolare per membrane impermeabili destinate all’abbigliamento e alla calzatura, questo tipo di tessuti indemagliabili vengono spesso sviluppati in stretta collaborazione con il cliente per un prodotto altamente customizzato.

Più in generale questa gamma di tessuti trova applicazione come supporto per accoppiatura o spalmatura per diversi settori industriali.

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