An evolving story: Sitip from 1959 to today


Luigi Pezzoli founded Società Italiana Tessuti Indemagliabili Pezzoli – Sitip.


The Sitip dyeing plant was established in Cene and an investment was acquired in Mizar, a company specialised in the production of synthetic warp knitted and circular knitted fabrics.


Sitip began using flame lamination in production.


This was the first of two important years for Sitip: in 1978, it gained complete control of Mizar and established a new dyeing plant for knitted fabrics shortly thereafter;


Sitip entered the cotton sector with the establishment of Sitip Cotton for the dyeing and finishing of cotton fabrics;


Siat, a synthetic woven plant, was set up and Nylon Knitting Ltd was acquired, paving the way for the vertical integration of the synthetic sector.

1959 -1989

Sitip vertically integrated the cotton sector as well with the establishment of Tania Tessitura.

At the same time, Sitip Cotton was expanded with the creation of a rotary printing department.


Sitip transformed from a multi-company structure into a MULTI-DIVISION structure, with operational headquarters in Cene (Bergamo).

1959 -2005

Conversion of the production site in Via Caduti, Cene from a cotton mill to a synthetic warp knitted and circular knitted fabric plant.

1959 -2015

Strengthening, expansion and redevelopment of the production plants in Cene through the creation of a new, low environmental-impact technological hub.


Important environmental improvements were made with the installation of a new cogeneration plant and new smoke suppression systems.

In addition, the company completed the certification process for its internal environmental management system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001.


Acquisition of 51% of the company Accoppiatura di Asolo, specialized for more than 40 years in flame and glue lamination.


First publication of the Sustainability Report


The company continues its expansion and internationalisation under the management of the Pezzoli family, now in its second generation.

The Founder

Luigi Pezzoli

1936 / 2014
A deep love for our work.
Trust in people and their abilities.
The strength of our ideas and the courage to pursue them.
Optimism that helps us to always do our best.
Considered one of the most charismatic and celebrated businessmen in the textile industry, Luigi Pezzoli is more than just the company’s founder, he is the man who, with great humanity and respect, gave the company its mark of distinction, who forged the dynamic and proactive model that Sitip stills embodies in its approach to the world around it.
The pleasure, the pride of seeing one’s business prosper, gain recognition, inspire confidence in ever more customers, expand its production plants and beautify its offices, are just as powerful a driver of progress as profit. If this were not the case, how could we explain how all too often there are entrepreneurs who pour all their energy and capital into their business only to generate profits that are far more modest than what they would have certainly and easily earned in another job.”

( Luigi Einaudi )