Nylon Knitting Ltd - Malta

Its aim of developing an increasingly integrated production process has led Sitip to expand, with the acquisition of an investment in the Malta-based textile company, Nylon Knitting Ltd, in the 1970s.

Today, this Qormi-based company operates as a subsidiary with over thirty years of experience in the production of Polyamide type-6 yarns and fabrics to meet the needs of the international market and to support Sitip’s textile production.

Production at the Qormi (Malta) site entails several stages with a high degree of vertical integration, from spinning to the finished fabric:

  • Spinning
  • Warping
  • Warp knitting
  • Brushing
  • Stentering
  • Laboratory tests
  • Final inspection
  • Packaging

Accoppiatura di Asolo S.p.A. - Asolo

From the 2000s to the present day, Sitip strengthened, expanded and upgraded its production units, acquiring the company Accoppiatura di Asolo, specialized for more than 40 years in flame and glue lamination.

Today, it relies on cutting-edge technologies, an efficient in-house laboratory and a selection of raw materials to cover customer needs in terms of lamination solutions and self-adhesive treatments.