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Fabrics for mechanical fastening systems

Sitip’s fabrics for mechanical fastening systems stand apart for their high performance and quality and because they are designed specifically for the type of product and application for which they are intended.

To be used in combination with a hook, Sitip’s warp knitted fabrics have been designed for multiple mechanical fastening applications using the most suitable materials for each.

The main applications for this type of product include:

A range of extremely light-weight loop fabrics for fastening systems with limited use of openings and closings.

  • Weight: from 18 to 50 g/sqm
  • Yarns: PA, PL or hybrid

A wide range of lightly brushed fabrics with a soft hand, excellent performance and high comfort.

  • Loop weight: from 35 to 60 g/sqm
  • Yarns: PA, PL

A variety of brushed fabrics designed for multiple types of hook and loop fastening systems.

  • Loop weight: from 60 to 160 g/sqm
  • Yarns: PA

A range of fabrics for high-performance hook and loop fastening systems

  • Loop weight: from 170 to 280 g/sqm
  • Yarns: PA

A stretch loop solution for maximum comfort in specific orthopaedic applications.

  • Loop weight: from 200 to 300 g/sqm
  • Yarns: PA/EA

Our fire retardant fabrics for hook and loop fastening systems with technical applications.

  • Loop weight: from 40 to 250 g/sqm
  • Yarns: PA, PL

All the solutions may be customised by weight, fabric width, colour, printing and production technology.

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