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All Sitip fabrics for clothing are part of a sustainable supply chain for a lower consumption of natural resources and a limited dependence on non-renewable energy, in full compliance with leading international environmental standards.

NATIVE Sustainable Textiles technology is for fabrics made from recycled yarns. Sitip also offers a selection of finishing treatments with a low environmental impact. ISO 14001 certification attests to the company’s commitment to reducing the risks of pollution and its desire to interact positively with the environment.

The BLUESIGN® certification ensures that no harmful substances are used from the very start of the production process and serves to establish and monitor compliance with standards for production that is safe for the environment and people. The company holds other similar international certifications, such as OEKO-TEX®, and has joined the EcoVadis gateway as well.


The NATIVE Sustainable Textiles line uses recycled yarns that are certified in accordance with GRS (Global Recycle Standard) to guarantee compliance with environmental and social responsibility criteria across all stages of the production chain, including the traceability of raw materials. Sitip offers superior treatments, including stentering with a low environmental impact, like the ACQUAZERO ECO Fluorine-Free Water Repellent treatment and the 2DRY Enduring Freshness absorbent stentering. Sitip also participates in the SEAQUAL® initiative, which establishes and manages collaboration between industry, NGOs, communities and local and national authorities to clean up our oceans from marine litter. Together with its partners, the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE builds the infrastructure needed to recycle marine waste, cleaning up our oceans and producing a wide range of high-quality products made of Upcycled Marine Plastic such as SEAQUAL® YARN, used by Sitip to make textiles. This is, therefore, a project that engages all supply chain players and promotes the circular economy.

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