Fabrics for clothing / Performance


To perform well, athletes need fabrics with effective antibacterial and anti-odour properties. Sitip can treat fabrics with cutting-edge antibacterial technologies that respect the safety, comfort and hygiene of the wearer.

Sitip applies these solutions with special attention to the highest environmental standards in the industry, including the BLUESIGN® certification, which guarantees a responsible and sustainable production system, in which substances that could potentially alter the ecosystem are carefully recovered and do not remain in the environment.

Thanks to the research and development team and collaboration with partners who are all BLUESIGN® certified, Sitip is committed to finding solutions that meet the needs of the ever-changing market, as in the case of HeiQ Viroblock, which makes fabrics antibacterial and antimicrobial.

This product is treated with a biocide to protect it from spoilage by microbes and odor-causing bacteria. Active ingredient: silver chloride.

Sitip has also joined the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) programme and is committed to sustainable water treatment with zinc pyrithione-based production solutions that have no environmental impact, implementing a system that deactivates residual chemical substances in waste water.



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