For years, Sitip has been producing technical carrier fabrics for clothing applications. Sitip’s range of technical fabrics includes resin bonded flat fabrics and carriers for membranes as well as stretch fabrics.

Personal care

Sitip’s decades of experience in the development of fabric solutions for mechanical fastening systems allows its technicians to study – in synergy with customers – the best industrial solutions.

Medical and orthopaedic

Sitip’s warp knitted fabrics for the orthopaedic and medical sector are specifically designed and customised to meet the technical requirements of the different applications for mechanical fastening systems.


Sitip’s digital printing fabrics (DPF) guarantee high colour definition and brightness.

Cycling pads

Sitip produces high-quality technical fabrics for cycling pads.


Sitip’s fabric solutions for mechanical fastening systems are an excellent support for the production of binding for technical and industrial cables.


Sitip’s production structure satisfies the many different needs of the furniture sector, as it offers high-performance solutions that are increasingly environmentally sustainable.


Sitip has been a market leader for years in the field of loop and hook fabrics for the production of mechanical fastening systems for the abrasives market.


Over time, Sitip has developed an excellent level of technical know-how and a solid production structure enabling it to supply high-performance fabrics for the footwear industry.


Over time, Sitip has developed a range of specific solutions to produce fabrics for the inner lining of helmets, a fundamental component since it is in direct contact with the body.