SPORTAGE is an innovative fabric for sportswear that draws on ECLIPSE SUN PROTECTION technology, combining high mesh density and yarn opacity for maximum opacity and protection from UV rays (UPF 50+).


The IMPACT ABRASION RESISTANT FABRIC range is highly resistant to abrasions. Made with high-tenacity yarn, IMPACT fabrics minimize skin abrasions caused by falls or cuts.


Sitip’s technical fabrics for clothing meet new performance and design requirements, such as the fashion-tech creations in the COSMOPOLITAN FASHION-TECH collection for contemporary urban style garments.


BLIZZARD Thermal Comfort is a range of warp knitted thermo-regulating fabric that is bi-stretch and internally brushed with ultra-soft microfibre.


THUNDERBIKE POWER is a product designed for high-performance sports that guarantees an excellent elastic module and perfect fit over time.