Scott Racing Team soars on the wings of performance with ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei, Sitip, and Rosti.

In its fourth year of collaboration with SCOTT Racing Team, ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei, Sitip, and Rosti continue to produce the team’s uniform, confirmed for this season as well.


Andriin Beeli, Gioele de Cosmo, Andrea Siffredi e Lorenzo Trincheri

Alongside Scott Racing Team, three leading companies in their respective fields. These companies share values and commitment, are passionate about sports, and are determined to offer an exclusive and special uniform designed for advance performance. These responsible companies continuously elevate the uniform to the next level each year, firmly believing in the importance of ensuring superior performance in every aspect, starting from sportswear.


Through the collaboration between athletes and the companies with a track record of surpassing themselves each year to create products of pure excellence, extremely technical fabrics are born. These fabrics support athletes from relaxed training sessions to competitions where the intensity pushes the body to its limits.


The 2024 uniform features shirts and shorts made, as always, with Sitip fabrics. Breathability, comfort, durability, UV protection (UPF50+), excellent fit, and shape retention are the foundations for ensuring perfect performance, enhanced by the introduction of ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei’s premium stretch yarn, capable of offering new levels of advanced high-tech performance. This yarn activates new values in the modern wardrobe through a range of yarn families corresponding to unique functionalities: ROICA Colour Perfect™, ROICA Resistance™, ROICA Eco-Smart™, ROICA Feel Good™, and ROICA Contour™. These smart and responsible yarn properties enable the creation of extremely innovative and high-performance products, which are ideal when applied to sportswear.

High-level performance is assured for athletes wearing the complete uniform: exceptional breathability, incredible lightweight feel with fabrics as light as a second skin, absolute comfort, softness, and pleasant smoothness to the touch, all contribute to achieving high aerodynamics, crucial for athletes and their results, where performance is paramount.


Sitip‘s 4-way stretch fabrics, combined with a high percentage of premium stretch yarn ROICA™ V550 (between 22-27%), ensure a second skin effect, ultra-flat, super adhesive, and enveloping: no friction and a technology that allows for seamless cutting. Specifically, the fabrics used for the jersey are Force Plx (polyester/Ea ROICA™ V550) and Fitplus Plx (polyester/Ea ROICA™ V550), while for the shorts, it’s Thunderbike (PA6/Ea P84B ROICA™).


Thanks to SITIP’s expertise and the presence of a special yarn, ROICA™ V550, the printing and colour of the uniform are also performance-oriented: excellent rendering, long-lasting durability, resistance to wear and abrasion, preservation of original colors, and easy maintenance.

ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei, the internationally recognized premium stretch fiber for innovation and responsibility.

Sitip is a benchmark in the production of unbreakable, synthetic, and elastic fabrics, destined for the industrial technical world and the world of sports and urban clothing. The commitment to reducing environmental impact and constant attention to ethics led the company to publish its first Sustainability Report in 2021, alongside various corporate certifications, including UNI EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, SA8000 Bluesign, Oeko-Tex, GRS, and ZDHC Roadmap to Zero. Sitip S.p.A. exports worldwide from its production sites in Cene in the province of Bergamo, Asolo in the province of Treviso with its subsidiary Accoppiatura Di Asolo, and Malta through its subsidiary Nylon Knitting Ltd.

Lastly, we have Rosti knitwear, known for its technical excellence in product and image, and with an all-Italian production in the province of Bergamo, which responded with great enthusiasm to the renewal of the partnership.