Sitip in 2023 celebrates 10 years as Official Supplier of the Giro d’Italia

A relationship that lasts over time, consolidated, made up of passion, shared values, love for sport and continuous innovation


Sitip has been supporting the Giro d’Italia since 2014 by supplying the fabrics for the Jerseys, thus consolidating its link with the sports sector, and above all with cycling, which has deep roots in the company’s history and tradition.


Italian company with over 60 years of experience behind it, specialized in the production of  stretched and circular fabrics – intended for the clothing sector – and synthetic warp-knit fabrics – intended for the technical-industrial world – Sitip combines tradition and innovation with a choice of sustainable production, which has constantly improved and strengthened over the years, maintaining high levels of fabric performance.


In 2020, Sitip’s innovation, research, study and development gave life to the first sustainable Jersey, made with Sitip fabrics from the NATIVE Sustainable Textiles line, made up of recycled yarns derived mainly from the recovery of plastic bottles.


So since then the Pink Jersey, the Cyclamen Jersey, the Blue Jersey and the White Jersey, designed by Castelli, have become Green.


In just over a month we will celebrate 10 years of partnership as official suppliers of the Giro d’Italia, which on Sunday 21 May 2023, in the 15th stage, will also pass through Bergamo. We are therefore doubly proud that the anniversary coincides with the return of the Giro and also proud to have worked alongside the historic Castelli.

Over the years we have accompanied athletes with our fabrics which have become increasingly sustainable over time. It’s no coincidence that this year we have published our first Sustainability Report, which goes hand in hand with our conception of an increasingly green business model, with the R&D department constantly working to improve innovation and performance and to guarantee more and more eco-sustainable and recycled products within our production”.


A revolution that has given way to further new developments that have led to the creation, in the following years, of recycled fabrics that are increasingly performing, light, breathable, comfortable, resistant and with perfect shape retention, studied on the needs of athletes, who need of high technicality able to better support them in the races.







Also in 2023 Sitip accompanies the Giro with its fabrics confirming the latest used: the NATIVE-GAME LIGHT, the NATIVE-PIRATA and the NATIVE-LEADER.


Even closer to the athletes in the race – with the transfer of Bergamo too (Sitip has its headquarters in nearby Cene) – Sitip is once again preparing to support the great cycling athletes.