Made from thermal fabrics in recycled yarns and treated with HeiQ Viroblock for protection by inhibiting the growth and persistence of microbes and bacteria.

Cene (BG), November 2020 – Now, in this season and in these times, as never before, it is essential to protect certain parts of the body that are particularly sensitive to temperature, wind and cold and that are constantly exposed. SITIP, a Bergamo-based company and global leader in the production of warp knitted and circular knitted technical fabrics is here to care for the neck, throat and head. Thanks to its experience in the technical textile sector, SITIP has created two new types of neck warmers with its innovative thermal fabrics made out of recycled yarns. Ideal for outdoor sports and everyday use, they can also be worn as a hat and are made of thermal fabrics treated with HeiQ Viroblock, an innovative textile technology that neutralises most of the microbes on the surface in just a few minutes.

This product is treated with a biocide to protect it from spoilage by microbes and odor-causing bacteria. Active ingredient: silver chloride.

The HeiQ Viroblock technology used to treat the neck warmer fabric, patented by the Swiss company HeiQ, creates a barrier against external contamination. It consists of a biocide treatment that uses active silver chloride to inhibit the growth and persistence of microbes and germs. Its effectiveness has been tested and verified by the Peter Doherty Institute For Infection and Immunity in Melbourne.

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Both fabrics are made with recycled yarns, derived from the recovery of industrial processing waste, and are certified in accordance with the GRS – Global Recycled Standard (certified by ICEA-GRS 2019-208): an international and voluntary certification for the textile sector, which guarantees that products are obtained from recycled materials.

The two fabrics are thermo-regulating, bi-stretch, internally brushed, breathable, easy to care for and highly comfortable.

The ECO-GRS INSTINCT GZ fabric of the black neck warmer with grey print is particularly suitable for winter sportswear and urban wear.

The ECO-GRS BLIZZARD GZ fabric of the neck warmer in navy with white print is heavier than the first version and is recommended for winter garments like tights, leggings and jackets, as sportswear or casual wear.