The Bergamo-based company presents a selection of its industrial and clothing fabrics in the multimedia area of this event organised by Sistema Moda Italia. High-performance, high-tech and sustainable, Sitip’s solutions for the industrial sector cover a wide range of applications.

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The “Textile Made in Italy 5.0” event organised by Sistema Moda Italia on 18th May was an opportunity to understand the current sector trends and to discover how the big textile companies are tackling near-future challenges. It was another opportunity to showcase Italian excellence, already world renowned for the high quality of its applications, solutions and technologies. 

Participating in the event as a member company, Sitip conveyed its commitment to developing and producing fabrics for both the industrial world and the sportswear sector, underpinned by its expertise in the production of synthetic and stretch warp-knitted fabrics, as well as circular knitted fabrics. The company has adopted this approach, one that’s fully in line with its founding values, as well as its mission regarding corporate responsibility and sustainability in all its main forms: social, environmental and financial, as a driver for development and for creating a new competitive advantage.

Valuable partnerships


In recent years, Sitip’s approach has focused on developing successful partnerships with national and international organisations to whom the Bergamo-based company supplies its fabrics to be used for a wide range of different applications. 

The stars of the conference were the technical industrial fabrics, available in a variety of weaves, which have become a real strong suit for Sitip and are used by several major Italian companies: from ski boot manufacturers Tecnica (with Nordica and Tecnica) and Dal Bello to helmet manufacturers Airoh. There are also technical fabrics for the safety world in motorsport with Sparco brand, that produces shoes for racing and karting and seats, whose reliability is recognized all over the world.


Sitip also produces fabrics for high performance, high quality mechanical fastening systems, specifically designed according to the particular product: they can be found on abrasive discs, where the use of these systems has enabled the life of the product to be extended, in the orthopaedic-medical sector, in cable ties and in many other applications. In this regard, Sitip has brought an example of the orthopaedic devices, such as knee braces, elbow braces and corsets, of FGP s.r.l., used in the world of orthopedics and rehabilitation to support the patient in the delicate phase of recovery of motor functions.

Last but not least, Sitip produces fabrics for lamination and coating, supplied to Alcantara for the interior design market and the international automotive sector.

Sustainability in sport

At the “Textile Made in Italy 5.0” event the company is exhibiting two projects to showcase its work in supporting the technical sportswear sector: the Giro d’Italia‘s Pink Jersey, for which Sitip has now been the official fabric supplier for ten consecutive years, and the Scott Racing Team kit. Both are excellent examples of entirely sustainable projects born from the synergy generated by different companies. Sitip’s investment priorities include developing its NATIVE Sustainable Textiles line of fabrics, which meets the market’s need for materials of high technical quality whilst simultaneously complying with stringent sustainability regulations.


A word from the company

And it was exactly for this reason, to talk about reducing the environmental impact, that Silvana Pezzoli, the company’s vice-president, took part in the event’s round table entitled “Conscious Technology: Technical Fabrics and Sustainability”, a topic that’s very close to Sitip’s heart and which is clearly evident at a variety of levels within the company’s production activities.

“With our participation at the Sistema Moda Italia event, we wanted to confirm our position as an ‘ingredient brand’ that’s capable of responding to different production requirements, by presenting a number of our case studies,” explained Silvana Pezzoli who, together with her brother Giancarlo, is the second generation of the family to lead the company, “united by our vision and mission for sustainable growth on an ethical-social, environmental and economic level, accompanied with high production capacity and flexibility, and a highly customised service”.

In this sense, the Sustainability Report published in 2022, and the numerous certifications obtained, exemplify the company’s solid commitment to protecting the environment.